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Global Health Care Network of Providers in Argentina


argentina The MTM Global Health Care Network is secured for registered clients. Login is required to review the hospitals, physicians and health providers. For general review of Argentina, cities, maps, tourism and culture see Destination Information

Austral University Hospital

arg_hosp_austral Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Buenos Aires

The Austral University Hospital is an integrated and highly specialized health care center in Argentina. As a "General Hospital", the institution offers highly complex medical services coupled with research, teaching and organ transplant programs such as liver and bone marrow, among others. A team of skilled professionals, conscientious care and an advanced technical infrastructure: this is how we guarantee an integral assistance and this is how we define the AUH.

Sanatorio Diquecito

ar-diquecito Provider Type: Clinic
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Córdoba

SANATORIO DIQUECITO is a pioneer medical institution in Argentina specialized in the treatment of drug addictions, overweight and obesity, eating disorders and stress ("burn out"). The heart of Diquecito is its human team, lead by doctors who are specialists in applying the renowned treatments developed from its own investigation for more than 60 years. Referred to nationally as regards diet therapy, it has been recognized by the Ministry of Health for its contributions to science.

The multidiscipline team is formed by doctors in the following specialities: Clinical medicine, Cardiology, Nutrition, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Flebology, Neumonology and Psychology, as well as Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Aesthetists, Physical Education professors, etc. The warmth and cordiality offered by all our personnel has always been most appreciated by our guests.

Xetica Argentina

ar-xetica Provider Type: Medical Group Hospitals & Clinics
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Buenos Aires

Xetica Argentina is a leading Argentine-based Medical Group specialized in Cosmetic Surgeries. Our Medical Staff comprises of the Most Qualified Plastic Surgeons in Argentina and we have agreements with Highly Accredited Medical Institutions where our surgeons perform the procedures.

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