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Global Health Care Network of Providers in Brazil


brazil The MTM Global Health Care Network is secured for registered clients. Login is required to review the hospitals, physicians and health providers. For general review of Brazil, cities, maps, tourism and culture see Destination Information

Centro Internacional de Medicina - CIMA Brazil

cr_hosp_cima Provider Type: Hospital Group
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Brazil

VITA Volta Redonda is a 110-bed acute care hospital. The Centro Internacional de Medicina - CIMA Brazil hospital has approximately 350 credentialed physicians on its medical staff. Since its opening, the VITA System has expanded the services offered at VITA Volta Redonda to a high acuity hospital with 26 intensive care unit beds and 7 operating rooms.

VITA Batel is a 90-bed acute care hospital located in the most prestigious area of downtown Curitiba. VITA Curitiba is on the other side of the city. VITA Batel has 12 intensive care units and 7 operating rooms. It operates advanced Clinical Laboratory and the Blood Bank Departments. The hospital opened in December 2004 and has been expanding services to meet the needs of the community ever since.

VITA Curitiba is a 140-bed acute care hospital of the VITA System of Hospitals. The hospital offers a full range of medical services and is located in one of the nation’s most dynamic and fastest growing cities.

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