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Global Health Care Network of Providers in Israel


The MTM Global Health Care Network is secured for registered clients. Login is required to review the hospitals, physicians and health providers. For general review of Israel, cities, maps, tourism and culture see Destination Information

Assuta Medical Center

is_assuta Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Tel Aviv

The original Assuta Hospital, in Tel Aviv, was established in 1934. Today, Assuta Medical Center owns and operates four private hospitals, five imaging institutes, cardiology institutes, dialysis units, IVF centers, oncology institutes, women’s health centers, gastroenterology units, pain clinics, specialist clinics, and more in Israel.

Herzliya Medical Center

is_herzliya Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Herzliya-On-Sea

Herzliya Medical Center (HMC) is a private hospital in Israel offering world class medical services through the aid of advanced technologies and the latest advancements in many sciences. HMC has pioneered medical services for the private sector of the country, and has been first to perform complex surgeries such as heart surgeries, neurosurgeries, endoscopic procedures, among others. HMC is also first to utilize the CT scan, catheterization facilities, a cytogenetic laboratory, intensive care units, and even a psychiatric ward.

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