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Global Health Care Network of Providers in Taiwan


The MTM Global Health Care Network is secured for registered clients. Login is required to review the hospitals, physicians and health providers. For general review of Taiwan, cities, maps, tourism and culture see Destination Information

Taipei Medical University - Wan Fang Hospital

ta-wan-fang Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: Joint Commission International (JCI) - International Quality Certificate of ISO-9002
City: Taipei

Wan Fang Hospital located in Taiwan is an academic medical center with 758 beds, employing 320 physicians and surgeons. Doctors in training at Taipei Medical University do their clerkships and internships at Wan Fang Hospital. Located at a major mass rapid transit station in Taipei, Wan Fang Hospital has been operating since 1997 as Taiwan’s first publicly owned, but privately operated hospital. In December 1998, Wan Fang Hospital was awarded the International Quality Certificate of ISO-9002, and received JCI accreditation in 2006

Wan Fang Hospital is best known for neurosurgery, cardiology, orthopedics, infertility treatments, and laser cosmetic surgery (nearly 5,000 cases annually). Its Laser Cosmetic Center offers a wide range of dermatological treatments ranging from Botox injections to microinvasive surgery for osmidrosis (secretion of fetid sweat). Wan Fang Hospital’s most frequent cardiovascular surgeries include cardiac catheterization and stenting (about 800 cases per year) and joint replacement (more than 180 cases annually). About 8,000 international patients seek treatment at Wan Fang Hospital each year, most of them from nearby Asian countries, including Japan, China, Korea, and Myanmar.

Wan Fang Hospital offers a CyberKnife radiosurgery center, infertility clinic, and cancer treatment center. The hospital uses specialized equipment such as 128-slice volumetric computer tomography (VCT) for heart and virtual colonoscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ) for high-resolution vasculography.

Taipei Medical University Hospital

tai-tmuh Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: Joint Commission International (JCI) - International Quality Certificate of ISO-9002
City: Taipei

Taipei Medical University Hospital located in Taiwan was established in 1976. Its outpatient services started on August 6th of the same year and provided medical care to the Eastern Taipei community. After years of steady growth in the number of patients, a second medical building was constructed in 1994 while the original building went through significant renovation.

Now TMUH's scale of 900 beds provide patients a complete, exceptional, and safe healthcare system, and lives up to the promise that people are the priority and that the population can rely on its holistic services. Lifetime dedication to medical education, research and service through excellence teaching programs, innovation research projects and commitment to life of medical service.

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