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Global Health Care Network of Providers in Thailand


thailand The MTM Global Health Care Network is secured for registered clients. Login is required to review the hospitals, physicians and health providers. For general review of Thailand, cities, maps, tourism and culture see Destination Information

Bangkok Hospital

thai_bangkok Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: Joint Commission International (JCI)
City: Bangkok

Bangkok Hospital is located in Thailand and our paramount objective is ensuring the complete satisfaction of our patients. Our commitment is to provide high-quality medical services, complying with international standards.

Bangkok Hospital upholds the values and ethics of medicine and its treatment, utilizing advanced equipment and technology. We provide well-trained medical experts that constantly improve the quality of life and care of our patients, worldwide.

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

thai bangpakok Provider Type: Medical City
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Bangkok

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital is located in Thailand and is a multi-disciplinary tertiary care hospital established on November 9, 2003 by Bangpakok Hospital Group Co., Ltd., which began as early as 1981 with over 29 years of experiences with comprehensive administrations and highly qualified specialist care, with most advanced diagnostic procedures and modern treatments under one roof, and we are providing a wide range of medical services to all types of people about 1.2 million a year.

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Nakornthon Hospital

nakornthon Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: ISO 9002 & 9001 (ISO), Ministry of Public Health (PHM)
City: Bangkok

Nakornthon Hospital provides medical services in all disciplinary and many sub-disciplinary such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obsterics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Eye Ear, Nose, and Throat (EENT). Specialized medical services such as Orthopedic Center, Aesthetics Center (Plastic Surgery, Laser & Skin), Health Check-Up Center, Dental Center, Mother and Child Center, Diabetes Center, Heart Center, and Medical Spa.

The World Medical Center

world-medical-center Provider Type: Hospital
Accreditation: ISO 9002 & 9001 (ISO)
City: Bangkok

The World Medical Center (WMC) is the brand for a new hospital group in the premium tertiary care category by Bangkok Chain Hospital PCL (BCH), a leading hospital company in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and a Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion in 2009.

Vita Longa Clinic

vita-longa Provider Type: Clinic
Accreditation: Ministry of Public Health
City: Bangkok

Vita Longa Asia Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is an early stage start up that will serve as a full service “medical tourism” agency. It will focus on helping upscale international patients receive anti-aging treatments, cosmetic and non-elective surgery, stem cell therapy for those patients who failed to respond to conventional medical treatments, and innovative medical treatments for cancer and debilitated diseases through relationships with world-class medical facilities in Thailand and several other countries.

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