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Consumers and Health Solutions in Global Health Care

web-conferenceThe MTM web connects you with information and a Health Coach that will provide a catered experience of MTM products and services. A Health Care Team by your choice will help create and complete a treatment package.

Our Global Partners, Providers and Health Coaches network together in preparing your itinerary, arranging your visa, booking your flights, assisting with other travel needs such as travel insurance, international calling cards, cell phones at destination etc., vaccinations, understanding your dietary preferences, arranging your entire hospital stay and accommodation before and after the surgery, suggesting and booking additional wellness treatments, and many more of the trips details.

MTM assigns a Health Coach Manager with each client and their Treatment Application, this begins the building of your Health Team. Your MTM Health Coach will create your secure personalized Health Solutions Portal and begin to design your Treatment Package

Why a Health Care Team

  • Your Primary Care Physician can help with your aftercare.

  • A Health Coach will assist in the application and fulfilment process.

  • A Health Coach Manager uses the network to find a provider and transparent costs for you.

  • All Network Providers work together to estabish each item in a Treatment Package.

  • Network Doctors, Physicians, Dentists review your case to establish your treatment plan.

  • A Network Hospital Administrator coordinates the cost and in country care plan.

  • Network Partners create additional optional solutions and services for our clients.

  • The MTMweb is your information source to a Global Health Care Network of quality and savings.

Health Providers

Travel Providers


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Global Health Care Network