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Our Global Health Care Network Platform

Global Health Care NetworkMedical Treatments Management supports a Global Health Care Network that delivers some of the highest quality health care in the world. Our Health Solutions platform caters to everyone whether rich or poor, an individual, a business or government we all share the responsibility of ensuring that everyone has access to the information and the means of obtaining quality health care. Today this can be difficult with rising health care costs and reductions in employee health care benefit packages.

Our platform is free to the consumer and promoted by Health Coaches, real people who guide and connect you with providers who contribute their expertise, creating a personalised Health Team approach.

The Global Health Care Network is an innovative Health Solution that combines information technologies with communication. Medical Treatments Management makes it easier than ever to offer medical travel benefits to your loved ones, friends, insurance policyholders and employees by creating transparent choices of quality and value.

medical-treatments-managementMedical Treatments Management, MTM is a worldwide source for health and wellness treatments. MTM combines medical options with travel, to provide alternative Health Care choices with an emphasis on service, that is Consumer driven, compassionate and provided by a Health Team of specialty Physicians and Health Care Professionals.

Treatment options are available worldwide in 40 different Medical Cities, each having Hospitals and Doctors within the Global Health Care Network.


A Consumer Driven Health Care Model



logo-health-solutionsOur Health Solutions Technology uniquely administers a flow of real time information communicated through Health Portals. This effectively distributes a secure state-of-the-art networking environment of consumer driven choices.

Health Solutions Chatter is a multimedia cross-communication platform capable of connecting you to experts that are dedicated to comprehensive and integrated treatments. This provides you with first-class care.

Medical Treatments Management delivers free site registration that enables education and budgeting with an e-catalog account. A Treatment Application and supporting information delivers you a secure personal Health Portal to manage a customized Treatment Package.

We do all of this and more, for you, our client, at no upfront charge


Health Providers

Travel Providers


Global Health Care Network