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MTM Provides Access to Medical Specialists - Doctors - Physicians - Surgeons

MTM provides access to Medical Specialists, Doctors, Physicians and Surgeons World Wide. The MTM e-Catalog provides you the ability to customize your Treatment Package, meeting your health needs and budget, locate hospitals, medical specialists, doctors, physicians, cosmetic surgeons, surgeons, consultations, hospitals, prices, medical procedures and wellness through Medical Tourism.

Compare prices in Different Countries for medical treatments, medical procedures, medical alternatives, wellness, accommodations, travel and much more in your country or abroad.

Medical Specialists - Doctors - Physicians - Surgeons

  • Get several online consultations before you choose a medical treatment or medical procedure from specialists - doctors - physicians - surgeons within our Global Health Care Network.

  • Look through our Featured Packages and take a turn key approach to family, friends, couples or groups with combined savings in health exams, dental, cosmetic, spa and more.

  • Choose the MTM Service Options you need or prefer to add to your medical travel package.

  • Do you prefer to work with our Global Health Care Network directly? Request our GHCN Membership Program with hospitals, physicians, doctors, specialists and surgeons for online or phone consultations for medical procedures, their costs and requirements.

  • Determine the complete Treatment Package prices and timing with a free MTM e-Catalog Account, confirm your order and costs for thousands of medical procedures.

  • Build your dream vacation with medical savings and US tax advantages with Medical Tourism

  • Register as a Free Member Here to review prices for treatments from accredited hospitals, physicians, doctors, specialists, surgeons within the international medical tourism industry.

  • Use MTM as your Medical Tourism facilitator to find medical specialists, doctors, physicians, surgeons, consultations, hospitals, prices, medical procedures, wellness packages and cosmetic surgeons in the Global Health Care Network of Medical Tourism.


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