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Partner - Provider Managed Services

Medical Treatments Management’s provides services that are supported by our superior technology and exceptional support teams for clients, promoters and providers. Our information system Health Solutons Technology is the keystone of our company. Our secure technology allows the transfer and access to all permissioned and related data. This alows the sharing and communicating of information between primary care physicians, providers, promoters and the client. The MTM web platform provides a seamless medical experience for the client and the provider.

Whether you are running a new program, existing program or your own internal support systems, together we can market your hospital, increase your patient flow, increase client satisfaction and more.

MTM offers several managed services for Partners and Providers. These services are optional and based on your level of need and agreement of choice.

Promoter Facilitation and Support Services

  • Managed Facilitation Services that support the patient experience at all options. 
  • Our promoter services screen each and every client before a referral to make sure they are a qualified potential patient. 
  • MTM uses real people, a "Health Team" to communicate with our clients and credential their medical requirements before placing them in our network of international providers.
  • We offer a simple way of transferring patient health records through a secure eniviornment of health portals.
  • Our support services are free for all Global Health Care Network Providers.

Web Team Paid Services

  • The MTM Web Team administers Health Solutions Technology, a cloud computing technology designed specifically for Consumer Relation Management, reporting of analytic data, real time information management, communication and patient logistics that is in the medical travel industry.
  • MTM can communicate data matrics for each adversement on our Global Health Care Network: contact information,  inquires, impressions, clicks and visits.
  • MTM can push submitted Provider product information to potential clients in order to further qualify inquiries of price and details, saving your staffs communication time with leads.
  • Custom services for the Health Solutions Technology platform that are optional and fee based: key word marketing,  relevant linking, automated email responses, automated provider inquiry notifications, Health Solutions Chatter communication with our subscribed Health Portal connections, socialnomics Health Coach networking program, social media postings and graphic design coordination.


  • Providers and partners have the opportunity to advertise and promote their specialties through MTM’s diverse marketing channels to grow your customer volumes.
  • Our custom paid ad package promotes your content and brand through our web sites, social media, email campaigns, news letters and digital marketing pieces.
  • Our advertising packages on the Global Health Care Network promote your content to registered guests and clients, increaseing your exposure.
  • The MTM ad programs provide an automated opportunity to advertise your specific content on our platform. You can inquire with your account representative or review the program here.


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